Portrait by Kristian Bauthus.

Lauren Wilson is a jack-of-all-food-trades.  Since completing her culinary training at Toronto’s George Brown Chef School in 2008, she has worked in various capacities in the food world – from fine dining to cheesemongering, online sales to catering, teaching cooking classes to writing for print and online media.  In August 2011 she completed research for George Brown examining the career motivations, ambitions, and expectations of students, with the aim of better understanding low female representation at the executive level of professional kitchens. Being at the forefront of what has become a more widely acknowledged and discussed issue in professional kitchens, this work was featured in Maclean's magazine.  

Before diving into all things food, Lauren received a Bachelor of Commerce in marketing from Montreal's McGill University.  She worked for an environmental non-profit called The Forest Stewardship Council, an organization that works to promote certification for sustainable forest management.  She also served a two year term on the board of directors for the Family Association of Mental Health Everywhere (FAME), an organization that provides support to families dealing with mental illness.

And so, after eating up all the good bits of Toronto, Lauren followed a trail of crumbs to Brooklyn where you will often find her stuffing her face in and around her 'hood of Lefferts Garden and beyond. When not teaching cooking classes at Taste Buds Kitchen, Lauren spends a lot of her time thinking about what she will be eating in the event of a zombie apocalypsepenning love letters to the cosmos, farting around on the internet, reading for multiple book clubs, indulging in graphic novels, thoroughly digging New York's music and arts scene, checking out local stand up comedy, fiddling around on the piano and ukulele, watching high quality television and film, and strolling around Prospect Park. All of that.

You can check out Lauren's full resume in a highly digestible visual format here.